Show Chairman’s Comments Feb 2023

This month's selection of recommended cruise-ins and comments by our show chairman Tim Nusbaum.

CAR SHOWHeritage Park Show February 2023

As last year’s show chairman, helping Madam President, I want to recognize our new Vice President Dirk DeJong. He put on a 20 member car show for the Nestor Torres Heritage Park event. This included air conditioned bathrooms which I have never experienced at car show park setting.

We had members from the Miami region participating as well, a few Thunderbird Club members, a resto-mod Packard showed us that authentic classic looks can be updated with modern running gear and concealed air-conditioning.

For the younger set “bob the racer” and his wife, brought his early 60’s mustang with a 4 camshaft 4.6 cobra engine (400+ hp) stuffed into that itty bitty first generation engine compartment. His mastery fabrication and design just amaze’s me every time I see one of his hybrid creations. We also had a turbo Pontiac sunbird convertible, very rare relic and a joy for us Pontiac fanatics to witness being driven.

The “lifted” Chevy suburban with two tone sun bright orange paint was the visual stunner of the day, it’s so big it looked like there was orange everywhere on the show field. Our Vice President’s 41 Buick was the winner of the day. The 5 inch whitewalls, perfect leather, huge headlights and large chrome radiator were amazing. Personally I was awe struck by the inline 8 cylinder engine of bygone days which I only read about and we will never see again.

Ladies and gentlemen members, you need not drag out your “trailer queen” or your wood spoke wonder, just come on out look at what your club’s drivers cruised in with. We always have shade tent’s which allow us to socialize or come and look at your phone and tell your envious friends what a good time you’re having with a picture next to a classic car.

You can contribute to the club by sending possible car show ideas to your board members at We like ice cream stores, car friendly hamburger and hot dog venues and basically any place with adequate parking. We supply shade and often drinks and if you are lucky, cookies.So come on out, sit a spell and chat with friends and car lovers, we’d love to have you.

Your car friend,

Tim Nusbaum/mr2tim

Sent from Fort Lauderdale Region AACA